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vötschtechnik Explosion-Proof Heating and Drying Ovens, VTUW

Explosion-proof heating and drying ovens for manufacturing.

Sectors, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, often require heating and drying ovens in which flammable materials, such as solvents, gases etc., can be placed in almost unlimited amounts. These materials may form an explosive mixture in combination with air. The VTUW series was developed for these critical conditions. This series complies with considerably higher requirements than conventional drying ovens for coating materials (varnish drying ovens). CE compliant design as per 2014/34/EU.

The VTUW series is operated with circulation air in combination with exhaust air. They are heated using process heat from procedural processes (steam, water, tempering oil) or via a separate tempering device. For economic reasons, the tempering device is preferably situated in the neutral area. Upon request, the tempering device can also be designed to be set-up in the area exposed to explosion.

Your advantages:

  • Suitable for solvents in the T1, T2, T3 and T4 temperature classes
  • Suitable for solvents in the IIA and IIB explosion groups
  • Externally, the devices conform to category 3G and are suitable to be set-up in zone 2 (model to be set-up in zone 1 also possible)
  • Low energy consumption and short processing times thanks to air circulation operation in combination with exhaust air operation with low amounts of fresh air
  • Clean room model is possible
Explosion Proof Vacuum Oven, Accelerated Aging

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