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vötschtechnik Vacuum Heating and Drying Oven, VVT

Vacuum heating and drying ovens are used especially to gently dry temperature sensitive and easily decomposable materials and to dry components with a complex geometry. The generated vacuum lowers the boiling temperature for fluids and achieves a shorter drying time.

The vacuum heating and drying ovens in the VVT series are also available in explosion proof models.

Your advantages:

  • No oxidation due to the extremely low remaining oxygen content in the oven
  • No turbulence for small, powdery products thanks to convection
  • Recovery of evaporated fluids (e.g., solvents) with corresponding vacuum pump unit
  • Consistent drying of moist matter with no formation of “skin or crusts”
  • GMP- / FDA- compliant interior design for pharmaceutical uses
Drying Oven

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