Containment Systems & Safety Workstations

Keep your products, materials and substances free from contamination and your personnel safe with our Containment Systems. Featuring innovative design and state-of-the-art construction, these are a must for any laboratory space.

The Weisstechnik containment systems and safety work benches employ Wibobarrier technology to provide a solution that provides both protection for the substance being worked upon and personnel working on it. Suitable for a wide range of processes such as weighing, granulation, filtering, drying, mixing, tableting and coating applications

The Wibojekt containment systems and workbenches use specially shaped and arranged ejectors, coupled with stabilisers to provide a stable fresh air curtain, which shields the working area from the surrounding area. This air barrier ensures that harmful substances such as gases or airborne product particles are captured in a targeted manner and guided to the suction device, by doing this employees and areas are reliably protected. The Wibobarrier air flow principle are especially efficient, requiring significant less air flow exhaust than conventional protection workbenches saving both on energy and protecting the environment.

Available in an extensive range of designs suitable for any laboratory whether as a bio safety cabinet or a more efficient solution than a laminar flow cabinet. Both freestanding and bench top mounted and able to satisfy the highest of clean room standards and Bio safety levels in clinical, diagnostic, teaching, research, or production facilities.