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What is an environmental test chamber and why would I use one?

Environmental test chambers also known as climate test chambers or temperature and humidity chambers are manufactured by a number of companies around the world which include Weisstechnik (Germany), Espec (Japan), CTS Control Technica (Spain) and Climats (France) to name but a few. Simultech Australia distribute the Weisstechnik brand into Australia.


Environmental Test Chambers can range in size from around 34 litres (little bigger than a small refrigerator) right up to walk in chambers ( 3 m3 to 20 m3) and upwards, some chambers are even large enough to drive vehicles into for an assortment of different tests. These test chambers use a variety of methods to apply different humidity and temperature conditions to your product. Typically in temperature ranges of -40 to 180 deg C or -70 to 180 deg C and relative humidities of 10% to 98%.

Climate Test Chambers can be used by almost any company that manufacturers a product that will be exposed to environmental conditions. This covers an enormous range of companies in automotive, Defence, consumer goods, telecommunications, paint and polymers, the list goes on.

Environmental Test Chambers are typically used to perform a variety of temperature and relative humidity tests which might range from a few hours to months. Climate/Environmental Test Chambers and are used to test the influence of temperature and relative humidity on a product. This helps establish whether the product will survive the conditions that it will be exposed to. This type of testing can also be used to determine what part of the product is likely to fail first and in some cases how long the product will actually last.

There is a massive assortment of test standards available that define how a product should be tested, these are typically developed by an assortment of test labs and then made available for anyone to follow who is designing a similar product.

The team at Simultech Australia has over 20 years experience supplying, servicing, maintaining and training customers on climate test chambers and are pleased to assist you with determining the correct chamber for your application.

Contact us today to discuss your application.


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