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WIBOjekt® Workbench - Containment System

For safe and cost-effective protection for personnel and the environment within the industrial sector, choose WIBOjekt® workbenches. Specifically, shaped and arranged ejector nozzles combined with in-built stabilisers ensure a safe clean air curtain that shields the work surface from the environment. With targeted pollutant detection through the coordinated ejector nozzles, you can create a stable clean air curtain even with fast movements.

Designed specifically for working areas where personal protection and high clean air quality is key, these innovative workstations operate in accordance with the three-zone principle. The outlet nozzle integrated within the anterior hood region forms a stable clean air curtain, protecting employees, products and ambient surroundings.

The barrier curtain will act as a magnet, attracting particles that are created in the product area and directing them into the intakes. Even particles that enter the work area through employee intervention are captured within the clean air curtain and guided into the suctioning device – and the product remains free from contamination. The product area is streamed with HEPA-filtered air, and the HEPA-filtered barrier curtain also protects against any turbulence caused by the employee’s movements.

The WIBOjekt® workbench was designed with emphasis on adherence to product exposure limits that meet OEL-levels, as well as clean air qualities in accordance DIN EN ISO 14644-1. WIBObarrier® systems are available in closed (CCS– Closed Containment System) and in open form (OCS – Open Containment System).

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